Living forever

A large percentage of people alive today will live forever. By 2025, our technology will be advancing fast enough to keep ahead of what ails us.

Living forever with abundance

Abundance is developed using smart materials, autonomous transportation, 3D fabrication, and household nanofabricators.

limitless energy

Create limitless energy by using nano film, wind, piezoelectric energy, autonomous storage, infrared and solar coatings.

human enhancements

Living forever will be possible with human enhancements such as regenerative medicine, cybernetics, and computer brain interfaces.

Live in Space

Virgin Galactic trips into low orbit, Planetary Resources to mine asteroids, robots to Mars, and 3D fabricators to colonize.

The Singularity

Ending disease, aging, and surgery; autonomous transportation; design to evolve; interactive environments; computronium; the Singularity.

Is it possible to live forever? Chances are that if you are healthy in 2025, you have probably entered "longevity escape velocity", which means that technology will be advancing fast enough to keep ahead of what ails you. This also means that there is a large percentage of people alive today who will live forever. In 2025, technology will be 32,000 times more advanced than it was in 2010. Until then, live a safe and healthy life.

Is it possible to live forever?

Living forever has already started to occur in a large percentage of the world’s population because of the rapidly advancing exponential pace of technology. Scientific and technological breakthroughs are coming so fast that doctors, insurance companies, and the media say that within 10 to 15 years we will prevent and cure heart disease, cancers, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, influenza, and diabetes, which are presently the big killers of humanity. Personalized medicine is quickly and cheaply becoming a whole new preventive medicine industry that is being driven by low cost digital information. While medicine has been a late stage treatment service, it is rapidly turning into a pre-disease treatment service. Low cost instant diagnostics will become at-home consumer products by 2017 (technology will be 100 times more advanced than in 2010). These new products and services include smart patches, personal genome sequencing, the tricorder, IBM's Dr. Watson, open source medicine, embedded microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and electronic medical records in the cloud. Radical healthy life extension will include improved strength, endurance, intelligence, sensory, life expectancy, and cosmetic standards worldwide.

Curing disease is only one part of medicine 2.0; we are now adding regenerative medicine to grow back our aging organs, nerves, and tissues. Improving upon biology, we are now using artificial organs, bionic senses, cybernetic limbs, human genetic engineering, and microscopic machines along with computer brain interfaces to improve our longevity, intelligence, and physical capability. This video intensive website will show you how living healthy forever is being designed and who is building our evolutionary medical technology. The difference makers are in the new medical capabilities that computing, machines, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, cybernetics, synthetic biology, and ubiquitous interactive technology bring to the table. Appropriately, the first industry to bring humanity into a “more than human” lifespan is computing, specifically, the IBM Watson DeepQA machine. Watson is such a significant change in information technology that it is already changing the mindset of many government and industry leaders about humanities future capabilities.

The “Voice of the physician on the future of healthcare with IBM’s Dr. Watson” video below, are doctor’s perspectives on using IBM’s doctor Watson starting in 2013. What the doctors are leaving out of their opinions, in this video, is the simultaneous use of personal medical tricorders, smart patches, and medical MEMS in conjunction with Dr. Watson in the cloud. That paradigm change in healthcare will bring medical diagnostic testing and the IBM Doctor Watson to the consumer and remove the majority of slow, costly, and late stage treatment hospital and doctor visits. The tandem of smart phone medical tricorders and Doctor Watson in the cloud will start occurring in 2017.

The voice of the physician on the future of healthcare with IBM’s computer Dr. Watson

Check out "How Watson Works here."

Is it possible to live forever by using narrow AI that can perform faster and smarter than humans? Having a doctor give you the correct diagnosis and treatment plan only happens on average, 54% of the time, as the New England Journal of Medicine has pointed out. Having Watson instantly diagnose you with the correct diagnosis and treatment plan 95% of the time will become the new standard. Our crop of new personal medicine products such as continual internal diagnostics, synthetic immune systems, virtual assistants, and regenerative medicine will diagnose and stop sickness from ever occurring while constantly rebuilding and improving body and mind capabilities.

IBM has made a series of Watson computer systems so that any company can raise their industries products and services far beyond our human capability. IBM’s Watson was first featured to the public with its historic Jeopardy win over Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter the best human Jeopardy players. At the time, Watson contained 200 million pages of structured and unstructured content in a ninety server computing system with an analytical software IBM designed called DeepQA. Now, the financial markets, medicine, insurance companies, government, engineering, and customer service call centers are employing (buying) Watson. Watson is an artificial intelligence system, that can be specifically tailored to any digitized industry and quickly evolve their industries potential.

Is it possible to live forever? Living forever will occur during our lifetime which means that the role of the healthcare professional is about to radically change. By approaching medicine as a digital problem we are making medicine predictive, personalized, preventative, and participatory. To cure all of our diseases we are finding our disorders at the molecular level before they become a disease and to do this we are combining IBM’s Doctor Watson as an online medical analyzer with the tricorder.

What is a medical tricorder? The tricorder is a low cost smartphone medical diagnostic suite that will allow consumers to take their own x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound images, and blood and urine tests anywhere, anytime, for the cost of electricity. Many companies are starting to develop their own smart phone version of the medical tricorder while other companies are focusing on developing microscopic medical analyzers called microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that will be embedded throughout the body. Developers are creating tablets, phones, apps, software, plugin medical probes, throw-away thumb drives, and microfluidic test strips, to analyze vital signs, EKG, EEG, microbiomes, biological and chemical markers, infections, and your personal genome with methylation, proteomic, gene expression, and cancer profile analysis for the consumer.

Another big change is that medical centers are transitioning from proprietary electronic medical records, into industry wide and consumer compatible electronic medical records (Watson ready). This will allow the tricorder medical scanner to send data for analysis to “Doctor Watson in the cloud” for an instant diagnosis and treatment plan. This daily medical evaluation will be cloud based apps, used by everyone. Our own personal virtual assistants (Dr. Watson, Siri, Jelly Bean, etc.) will automatically steer us towards the best medical solutions using our medical history, location, and daily diagnostic testing.

Is it possible to live forever? Hundreds of world changing technologies are coming online over the next three to five years that will change humanity. Services and products like IBM’s Dr. Watson and the Qualcomm Xprize medical tricorders will allow us to diagnose diseases and give us the best treatment plan so that we will head off medical problems in their infancy, allowing humanity to stave off sickness before it even occurs.

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